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Project management

Reducing friction during a project requires adequate coordination of the participants. We offer management services for your project: planning, implementation and documentation.
Small projects usually do not need a fulltime project manager; basic subjects (targets, responsibilities, due dates, etc.) should be clarified though, to reduce unnecessary delays.
Our services are of technical nature only; we do not plan or decide on aesthetic, economic, legal, or other foreign subjects – this is the privilege of our customers.

Project planning

Retaining supervision
Project planning involves the determining of project targets, team, and responsibilities in coordination with our customer; project implementation processes and management instruments are being fixed and feedback reports on the progress are planned; depending on the contract conditions, we define budget and escalation procedures in coordination with the customer.
Once all decisions are made, a project plan will be created. We propose to initially plan the project for the concept and specification phase only, since required technical information for the following phases may be missing until then.
We are not targetting to apply formal rules, but to reduce potential risks and uncertainties from the beginning. Even a software development following agile methods is in need of a minimal project planning.

Project implementation

The project will be continuously monitored for progress, budget and risks in this phase, focussing to enable all project participants to do their job efficiently and cleanly.
Risks must be identified early to be able to counteract or to consider alternatives; third party deliverables must be requested in time and checked for quality; also, decisions have to be made, that could not have been made with adequate certainty in the specification phase. Bringing about a decision or making decisions oneself falls to the project manager.
It is also necessary to document the course of the project and to report back to the customer on the relevant subjects.

Project documentation

Once the project is finished, a final report including project documentation is to be created; this report contains the reports created during the course of the project, possible deviations from the original targets (due dates, functionality, quality, etc.), the findings made and possible improvement suggestions, as well as the final conclusion for the project. This documentation is presented and handed over to the customer in the debriefing.

Process models

We will support you in the use of various software development process models – as you request and as per project size and conditions. We support classic models (modified waterfall, spiral, V-model) as well as modern (Scrum, Kanban, Test-driven) and custom adaptions. It is our belief, that there is no "perfect" model for software development, but that one has to choose the best model fitting the project – this explicitly includes a possible change of the model between functionally complete sub-projects.
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